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Facebook Advertising for Service Providers


Fully managed, done-for-you Facebook advertising services for high growth service providers generating at least £20k/$25k revenue per month.

all framework strategy development

Creation of your ALL Framework strategy and ongoing development based on the campaign results from your Facebook advertising implementation phase.

Facebook Advertising Implementation

Setup of your Facebook ad campaigns and ongoing monthly management to test and optimise your ALL Framework to reduce ad fatigue and deliver exceptional results.

Some of our Awesome clients

unlock the full power of Facebook advertising and massively increase your leads in 2020.

Apply for a free Facebook Ads Strategy Session below.

"Gecko Squared helped us with our first steps into Facebook advertising, setting the overall strategy and then implementing the plans in what was new territory for us.


We've really enjoyed working with Charlie and his team, and learning more about the best way to craft ads and target potential leads through his ALL Framework™.


Facebook can seem complex to the outsider, so having a specialist focus on our ad campaigns was a big help, and we are happy to recommend Gecko Squared.

- Oxford Scholastica Academy 


OSA ROAS Totals.png

Leads: 308

Ad Spend: £18,765.45

Cost per lead: £60.92

Leads: 1434

Ad Spend: £5,402.65

Cost per lead: £3.77

CL Leads Totals.jpg

Leads: 2366

Ad Spend: £4,949.10

Cost per lead: £2.09

unleash the All framework in your business and maximize your lead generation.

Apply for a free Facebook Ads Strategy Session below.

Requirement 01/

Minimum annual revenue

Minimum £240k annual revenue or substantial start-up funding.

Requirement 02/

Proven sales & conversion process

You need to have some existing clients and have generated leads on your own website. 

Fee 01/

Single Flat Monthly Fee

No setup fee! Just a flat monthly fee until your ad spend hits £10k per month, then it becomes 20% of your ad spend up to £50k per month.

Fee 02/

Percentage % of Ad Spend

Spending over £10k per month on Facebook ads? Our fee is simply 20% of your ad spend per month, paid over two installments. 

acquire more leads, gain new clients & turn Facebook into your most profitable marketing channel.

Apply for a free Facebook Ads Strategy Session below.

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