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We guarantee to generate at least 70 new course sales, completely done-for-you, in the next 90 days or you don't pay a penny!

The NEW Way To Acquire Customers in 2023
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The old way of scaling a course, like you did between 2017-2020 is dead. You can't rely just on a single marketing channel like Facebook ads anymore.

Those that do create significant platform risk within their business which generates uncertainty and destroys growth.
The NEW way uses the Student Ascension Funnel. This is how we’re able to routinely generate tens of thousands in new course sales for our clients which allows them to simply focus on onboarding new students and building the #1 community in their niche without the headache and stress of not knowing where their next 50, 100, or 200+ students are gonna come from…

When we fuel the Student Ascension Funnel with ads on the front end + upsell ads in the backend to increase your student lifetime value this is ultimately how we can EASILY guarantee you an extra 70 course sales at MINIMUM in the next 90 days or you don’t pay a penny.
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Results. Nothing Matters More
From generating £100,000s in new sales within 6 months, to over seven figures in 12 months and multiple millions in 18 months, we completely transform our client's businesses.
From adding hundreds of thousands in new sales in 6 months, to millions in 12 months and multiple millions in 18 months we completely transform businesses.
12 Months
18 Months
6 Months
The New Way
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The best ad creative wins the click. Whether you need brand new assets created, from concept, to full production and post-production or the fine tuning of your existing assets to better fit your paid media campaigns, we've done it all. 
The CREATE packages include complete production: from pre-production concepts and planning, to production on location, in studio or both and then full post-production to create unique branded content that drives tangible results when distributed through the paid media campaigns.
The ELEVATE packages involve us elevating your existing marketing assets, both images and videos. This service combines conceptual and technical video and image advice as well as the post-production work to turn it them into scroll stopping ad creative for your campaigns.
The PROBLEM With 99% Of Digital Marketing Agencies

The majority of agencies will charge you a setup fee per marketing channel and then a percentage of your ad spend per month as a retainer, most commonly 15%-20% of monthly spend.

We don't think that's fair as it doesn't give you a transparent cost and it's problematic for forecasting your annual marketing expenditure.

Here's just how quickly setup and management fees start to add up.

Traditional Agency Fees Calculator

2 channels, Facebook & Google Ads


20% of £20,000 per month ad spend


Over 6 months

Our Growth Plans
No Setup Fees, No Monthly Retainers, Just One Fixed Price With A Money Back Guarantee.

4 Payments of:


Total £16,700

Everything in the GROWTH plan plus:
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Tick Icon (1).png
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Tick Icon (1).png
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2 Channel Launch

​Up To £20k/Month Ad Spend Managed


ELEVATE+ Creative (8 videos & 20 images)


Full Stack Email Marketing - 15 bespoke emails across automations and campaigns.

Advanced Tracking Using Third Party

Advanced Segmented Website Remarketing Campaigns on Facebook & Instagram

Onboarding with Charlie Lawrance

VIP Support

70 New Course Sales Money Back Guarantee

1 Advanced Payment of £4175, Then 3 Monthly Payments of £4175.



4 Payments of:


Total £13,400

Everything in the BASICS plan plus:
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Tick Icon (1).png
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2 Channel Launch

Up To £10k/Month Ad Spend Managed

Senior Account Manager Assigned

Weekly Reporting Calls

Audience Research, Creation & Competitor Analysis


ELEVATE Creative (6 videos & 15 images)

Performance Asset Only Campaigns on Google

Brand Search Google Campaigns

Engagement and Website Remarketing Campaigns on both Platforms

Additional Campaign Segmentation Targeting Existing Customers

Beat Your Current Results Money Back Guarantee

1 Advanced Payment of £3350, Then 3 Monthly Payments of £3350.


4 Payments of:


Total £8,000

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Tick Icon (1).png
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Tick Icon (1).png
Tick Icon (1).png
Tick Icon (1).png
Tick Icon (1).png
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4 month project

1 Channel Launch

£0-5k/Month Ad Spend Managed


ELEVATE Lite (3 videos & 10 images)

Weekly Reporting (Loom Videos)

Copy/Text Written For Ads

Setup Proper Website Tracking & Conversion Tracking

Audience Research & Creation

Campaigns Created

Ad Review Process

Monthly Strategy Call

Full On-Going Ads Optimisation

Beat Your Current Results Money Back Guarantee

1 Advanced Payment of £2000, Then 3 Monthly Payments of £2000.

For £20k+ per month ad spend budgets, book a call for a custom quote.


We are so confident in the results that our growth plans achieve, with our BASICS and GROWTH plans if we don't beat your current in-house or marketing agency results we will give you your money back and with our GROWTH+ Plan we'll guarantee to generate 70 new course sales or your money back.
Growth Plans
"We have greatly enjoyed working with Gecko Squared on launching our social media advertising and due to their small team size and ethos we felt like they were the right fit for us. So far it's been a great partnership. They are quick to respond and work very hard to deliver top quality work. We have seen excellent results so far and look forward to seeing more growth and working more closely with them in the future."
"I’ve been working with Gecko Squared for 6 months so far and I can happily report it has been a very profitable endeavour. We were in profit on my campaigns since month 1, so they exceed my expectations straight away and now we’ve scaled to heights I never had the technical ability or the confidence to do myself”
"Charlie and his team have done an amazing job creating and implementing our Facebook & Google advertising strategy. We have a solid strategic plan in place that has resulted in a 10x ROI which for a new brand is phenomenal. Highly recommended."
Are you next?
Discover the right Growth Plan for your business and let's improve your paid media results once and for all.
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